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Growing lemon cucumbers - that's how it's done

Growing lemon cucumbers - that's how it's done

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The white-fleshy lemon cucumbers are still rarities in the garden bed. But here we tell you how to grow lemon cucumbers.

Lemon cucumbers are very special. Nevertheless, they are not yet to be found in many gardens, even though they can give every garden salad an exotic note with their fresh, fruity taste.

Of particular interest is the round shape, which has a striking lemon-yellow skin. And since the bowl is ideal for consumption, the lemon cucumber can also add a little color to any salad dish.

" Tip:

Due to their high water content, lemon cucumbers with a slightly sweet taste are also suitable as an optimal thirst quencher and can therefore - like an apple - also be consumed during sports or during excursions.

Growing lemon cucumbers - that's how it's done

You can either grow the lemon cucumber via seeds yourself (germination time approx. 1.5 weeks), or you can buy it as a seed bag or plantlet in specialist shops. A fully sunny location, where possible protected from wind, guarantees good plant growth and excellent ripeness. On top of that, the lemon cucumbers prefer a nutrient-rich soil that is as loose as possible.


In the case of self-cultivation, the seeds should be sown in pots on the window sill (room temperature between approx. 15 and 20 degrees) from mid-March or directly in the open from May (according to the ice saints). In both cases you have to press the seeds (approx. 3 seeds) into the soil about 2 centimeters deep. When planting outdoors, be sure to keep a planting distance of around 80 centimeters.

Container plant:

Of course, you can also easily plant lemon cucumbers in buckets and keep them on the balcony (directly on the sheltered walls of the house). In this case, planting sticks inserted all around should ensure the stability of the cucumber plants. Furthermore, lemon cucumbers also thrive in a greenhouse.

" Tip:

Lemon cucumbers - kept in a bucket - must be given full fertilizer while they are growing. In the garden bed it is sufficient to incorporate horn chips or compost around the plants only if necessary.

As soon as the plants start to grow like snakes and form their fruits near the ground, you should use a low trellis (tie the shoots up slightly) so that the fruits become theirs traction to lose. You can also put straw or mulch under the plant. The fruits can then be on it dry thrive.

" Tip:

If you use bark mulch, sufficient moisture is stored in the soil, which in turn is released to the plant in optimal doses.

Important: Always pour lemon cucumbers correctly

You should only pour lemon cucumbers when necessary, because too much moisture favors diseases. You must also absolutely avoid waterlogging when watering. Furthermore, you should never use lemon cucumbers from above water, because cucumbers can hardly tolerate leaf wetness.

" Tip:

On hot days, you should water the lemon cucumbers in the morning and / or in the evening if possible. Watering in the direct midday sun is not recommended.

Harvest lemon cucumbers

Lemon cucumbers are cared for in about the same way as conventional cucumbers. After their yellow bloom, the fruits, which are still green in color, form, which you can harvest from around the end of June, beginning of July to September. The fruit ripeness is clearly recognizable by the lemon-yellow color of the skin.

" Tip:

If you harvest the first fruits early enough, new cucumbers will form. If you also carry out the harvest early in the morning, this ensures that the cucumbers bitter-free stay.

At the time of harvest, the lemon cucumber is about the size of a lemon. Sliced ​​into fine slices (always cut lemon cucumbers, but do not grate or grate), you can then use them to decorate any food - including various desserts. The lemon cucumber is also an ideal accompaniment to fish dishes.

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