Birth control pill as a fertilizer - Do you know these 2 user tips?

Birth control pill as a fertilizer - Do you know these 2 user tips?

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Many amateur gardeners certainly think at first that it must be a joke if the contraceptive pill is touted as a fertilizer for plants. But it is true - the pill can work wonders for many potted plants and help them to grow at a great rate.

tip: Do not use pill fertilizer outdoors so that the hormone preparations are not discharged directly into the groundwater.

User tip 1Dissolve the contraceptive pill in water

Dissolve a birth control pill that is no longer required in a liter of water overnight. Water the potted plants as usual the next day. If necessary, repeat the fertilization after approx. 4 weeks.

In general, a visible success of this surely somewhat unusual fertilizer will appear after a very short time.

tip: All plants that are used for consumption (such as culinary herbs, etc.) should not be fertilized with hormone preparations.

User tip 2Birth control pills directly in the flowerpot

Of course, a pill can also be inserted directly into the soil (as close as possible to the planting stick), especially for smaller flower pots. By regularly watering the potted plant, the fertilizing effect will also develop.

tip: The fertilizing effect of a pill put in the ground as a whole lasts for about 1 month.

Is the birth control pill sufficient as a fertilizer?

If you use the birth control pill as a fertilizer, it must be taken into account that the pills only promote plant growth, but do not provide them with the necessary nutrients.

Why the pill fertilization is only used sporadically and the potted plants also have to be supplied with a nutrient fertilizer.

tip: Separate the periods of the respective fertilizer application from each other for at least 2 weeks.

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