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Buy a holiday home with a garden - is this investment worth it?

Buy a holiday home with a garden - is this investment worth it?

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Many Germans tend to buy a holiday home with a garden. Of course that's a great thing, but is this investment worth it at all?

Having your own vacation home is great

The holiday destination Germany is becoming more and more attractive for many citizens. The Germans not only travel to large cities as well as the North Sea and Baltic coasts, their own garden is also a popular holiday destination. After all, nobody has to spend several hours in a traffic jam, sitting in crowded trains or waiting in line at the airport check-in for a long time.

However, there is another way to spend your vacation at home, and yet far away: in a holiday home. In times of a troubled financial market, the German concrete gold is preferred to real money. You are increasingly choosing a holiday home with a garden.

Holiday home as a safe investment

According to a Focus report, Germans have never bought so many holiday properties before as they do today. Demand is at a record high, and so are prices. According to a survey, 53 percent of Germans choose a holiday home or a holiday home in Germany.

Spain is in second place with 11 percent of the vote. For many people who do not lack the necessary change, the idea goes “We dream of having our own finca” through the head. Fincas are agricultural land. In the German language, however, the word often represents rural holiday homes on the Spanish mainland. And who doesn't dream of such a great holiday home?

Why do many Germans buy a holiday home?

One reason for the high demand is the fear of inflation. Investing in real estate is considered a safe investment. But apart from saving the pennies saved, a holiday home has many advantages. What could be nicer than relaxing at home? Especially when a pool lures you into the cool water in your own garden, a small beach next to it invites you to tan and the rest of the green oasis is adorned with soft grass - this is how you can enjoy your summer vacation.

And such a pool including installation is usually not even more expensive than a summer vacation with a family of four. In return, you get relaxation for many years. You never run the risk of having to get up early to get a seat on the loungers and the pool is never overcrowded.

You don't have to fight for a lounger at your own pool

You don't have to be afraid of high operating costs either. You can e.g. with renewable energies, for which there are numerous subsidies. An air / water heat pump can also heat the water cheaply to 28 degrees. Even solar absorbers that fit on the garage roof noticeably reduce energy costs. Buying a special pool cover is also worth your investment: it ensures that unnecessary heat does not escape on cool nights.

Advantages / disadvantages of having your own holiday home

As you can see, having your own holiday home with a garden offers many advantages. Of course, such a holiday home is first of all a major financial purchase. But if you compare how much money you spend on your vacation in a year and how much a holiday home costs, you will see that a holiday home with a garden is cheaper over the years.


  • Pets are always allowed to travel
  • Children can move freely
  • Vacation is cheap, even if you take care of yourself
  • Holiday home can also be rented
  • Buying a house has paid for itself over the years


  • first of all a pretty big financial purchase
  • Holiday home abroad: someone may have to take care of the management on site
  • You are responsible for housekeeping and catering yourself

Choosing a vacation home

Anyone who has now decided to buy a holiday home is of course still faced with a few big questions: Where should the holiday home be? How big should it be or where is your financial limit? Etc.

Do you already have an exact idea?

If you don't have one yet, or if you have a special idea, then you should visit a few real estate portals. Because here you can sometimes find real bargains.