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Flowers for particularly sunny beds

Flowers for particularly sunny beds

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Many plants love the sun, but not all are suitable for the particularly sunny beds. We have created a summer sun bed that is easy to replant.

Asters must not be missing in the sun bed -

A walk through your own garden makes the gardener's heart beat faster. Especially on sunny days you can enjoy the colorful selection of your plants. And honestly - the most beautiful beds are not found in the shade, but in the blazing sun.

The sun worshipers have only one minor disadvantage - they need to be watered every day. That takes a lot of work, but the sight of the flower meadow makes up for everything, doesn't it?

" Important: Water plants only early in the morning or late in the evening. If you water in the blazing sun at noon, you risk burning the plants. Because the drops of water act like a magnifying glass.

Summer sun bed to recreate

New gardeners don't have it easy with the large selection of plants. Since not every plant is suitable for a full sun bed, we have created a small picture gallery with possible plants. All flower colors from the plant world are combined here and you can enjoy a magnificent sea of ​​flowers between July and October.

This is a really worth seeing sea of ​​colors that can be conjured up with few and above all cheap means. Give it a try!