Plant privet hedge - how it's done

Plant privet hedge - how it's done

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Privet is ideal for green hedge planting all year round. Learn how to plant and care for a privet hedge here.

Privet is an optimal hedge plant

Optimal hedge plant

In contrast to the hedge, individual privet plants - cut to size - can also form a beautiful sight in the middle of a garden, e.g. as a ball stem. In addition, the privet achieves an average height of up to 3 meters, grows very opaque and thus also optimally protects as a hedge plant from prying eyes.

Tip: You should always choose wintergreen varieties. In this way you avoid having to look at a richly branched hedge in autumn.

The highlight of some privet varieties is their creamy white, wonderfully fragrant flowers, which give each hedge a very special look from June to July. And after flowering, the privet also comes up with black fruits that form a neat contrast to the bright green foliage. Other varieties, however, have green leaves with golden yellow leaf edges all year round, which also gives a hedge a very beautiful sight.

Important: Children should not touch the berries. This is because they are toxic.

Plant privet hedge - how it's done

A privet hedge should be planted either in spring or autumn. The privet thrives in partial shade as well as in a sunny location. When planting, it is sufficient to use the plants deep in the soil, water them well and maintain the water supply for the first few days. Additional fertilization is usually not necessary.

Tip: When planting, however, you can incorporate a little fresh compost into the soil.

Maintain privet hedge

The extremely robust privet is considered a fairly undemanding plant and is relatively resistant to pests. On very hot summer days, however, the hedge planting should be watered regularly.

Cut privet hedge

Privet plants grow up to 40 centimeters in height per year on average, so they should be cut every year in spring and / or autumn. And not only in height, but also in width (topiary), which is what working with hedge trimmers offers.

Tip: From time to time, old shoots should also be cut back radically (taper cut) in order to promote the sprouting of fresh branches.