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Sequoia tree - cultivation and care

Sequoia tree - cultivation and care

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Sequoias are really fascinating. Because not only their size is remarkable, but also their history. Here are some tips for growing and maintaining these trees.

The oldest sequoias are said to be 3000 years old

Sequoias can grow up to 100 meters tall

The fast-growing sequoia, as its name suggests, can easily reach 30 meters and more in a large garden. An increase of 50 to 100 centimeters per year is easily possible. In its area of ​​origin, a sequoia, which in principle belongs to the cypress family, can even overcome heights of over 100 meters.

Tip: Sequoias (conifers) are ideal as shade in large parks.

Sequoia is also known as the primeval tree

Legendary stories of individual sequoia trees tell of their seemingly endless years, some of which date back to the era before Christ. Which is why the sequoia tree is often described as a primeval tree. This also proves that the giant-looking sequoias - regardless of whether they are giant sequoias, coastal sequoias or primeval sequoias - are relatively easy to maintain and specimens reproduced from the cone seeds now also thrive very well in our region.

Sequoia tree - cultivation and care

"Planting time:
September to October is the ideal time to plant sequoias.

" Location:
Sequoias love the blazing sun, but they always have to be well watered. Especially in the summer months, you should make sure that the roots never dry out. Very young sequoias (cuttings) should first be kept as potted plants and only planted in the ground when a trunk has developed.

You should regularly fertilize your sequoia once or twice in spring, especially in its early years.

In winter, however, a sequoia is resistant to the cold down to -20 degrees. However, it is advisable to protect the still young sequoia from ice and snow by covering it with raffia mats or fleece near the ground.