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Building the garden railway tunnel - step by step instructions

Building the garden railway tunnel - step by step instructions

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The track layout of a garden railroad is usually made even more attractive by an integrated tunnel construction. So here is a guide on how to build a garden railroad tunnel with planting stones.

Let your imagination run wild

Step 1 - select planting stones

In specialist shops (hardware stores or garden centers), different planting stones (e.g. rectangular, round, etc.) are cast from red or gray concrete, and are extremely inexpensive to buy. It is only important to choose a suitable size for the garden railway used, so that it can later pass through the planting stone opening unhindered. The track rail height or track rail width must of course always be added to the height or width dimension.

Step 2 - planting stones

The planting stones are placed directly within the existing track layout. You can of course determine the length of a tunnel individually, depending on your taste. By the way, tunnel curves are easier to build with round planting stones.

The track guidance must be briefly interrupted for planting stones by dismantling the track at the intended location. Then either place the planting stones upright in the ground, or even concrete them in the base area, which significantly increases their stability. After the concrete has dried out, the track rails are used directly within the newly constructed tunnel and reconnected to the rest of the rail guide.

tip: When placing the planting stones, care must be taken to ensure that the rail guidance is not impaired by unevenness. Why the planting stones are to be set in such a way that a level rail guidance is guaranteed. Otherwise, the tracks can be relined before and after the tunnel - e.g. with pebbles - to compensate for any unevenness.

Step 3 - planting planting stones

A garden railroad tunnel looks far more real when it is also planted. For this purpose, plenty of soil must be heaped up and fastened on the outside of the planting stones - e.g. by watering the individual layers well. Planting the tunnel with moss or lawn seeds is then possible without any problems. Small natural stones can also be placed on top, which visually help to represent a kind of mountain tunnel.