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Aphids - animals that nobody needs

Aphids - animals that nobody needs

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You can prevent an infestation

Aphids make life very difficult for us gardeners. Because they nest on our plants and suck them out. The lice do not suck liquid from the plant, but sugar.

You have to do something about it
The plant can compensate for a slight infestation itself, but if there are too many aphids, something must be done quickly. If there are not that many, you can spray the aphids with a water jet, otherwise you can also use various beneficial insects. These include ladybirds, parasitic wasps, hoverflies and lacewings. Plant protection products do not have to be!

Soot dew fungi settle on the honeydew
If you don't do anything about the aphids, you run the risk of the plant dying. This does not always have to have to do with vacuuming. Excretions, the so-called honeydew of lice, are also dangerous. Soot dew fungi like to settle on it, which also weaken the plant.

Prevent aphid infestation
Even before planting, you can do something about the aphids by planting robust and less susceptible plants. By the way, when it comes to fertilizing, less is more, because lice like fertilizer. Organic fertilizers are best suited.