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Ivy - a classic climbing plant

Ivy - a classic climbing plant

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Ivy doesn't need special care

Ivy is a climbing artist and a very easy-care plant that can be found in almost every garden. Read here what you should pay attention to when caring for your child.

Ivy is actually quite undemanding
Ivy does not need any special care, it thrives in the sun as well as in the shade. In addition, you can quickly conjure up a great privacy screen with ivy. Where others place a paravan or use climbing plants that grow much too slowly, you have a rapidly growing privacy screen with an ivy. In addition, you can hide a lot with ivy and also set accents in the garden. Just give it a try. You will be amazed at how quickly unsightly spots in the garden are hidden.

Ivy also climbs up walls
Ivy grows all over the place, you just have to be careful that it doesn't proliferate. So you can let the tree trunks grow tall and not only have green in the tree top, but also on the trunk. Covers such as the frame for the garbage cans or the fence around the compost heap are quickly conquered. Ivy even climbs up the walls without any problems, thus embellishing the house. A wildly romantic look cannot be dismissed out of hand and everyone will cast curious glances into your garden.