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Pfaffenhütchen - easy to care for and beautiful

Pfaffenhütchen - easy to care for and beautiful

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The berries are poisonous

Autumn is especially loved by many hobby gardeners, because then many bushes and trees change color and produce the most wonderful colors. Just like the Pfaffenhütchen.

The berries are poisonous
Plants that bloom beautifully in autumn are often inconspicuous in summer. In autumn, however, they really show off. They also include the Pfaffenhütchen or the spindle bush. From August it forms red berries that are toxic to humans. So if you have small children, you should pay special attention here. These berries are the favorite food of robins that can be lured with these bushes.

Easy care and beautiful: the Pfaffenhütchen
From September onwards, the leaves of the Pfaffenhütchen will change color to the best autumn colors. From yellow to orange to purple, everything is included. The best thing is that this bush is easy to care for and grows everywhere. It likes sun to partial shade and grows both in heavy soils and in moist soil. It is also a bush that can be easily bridled and that fits in almost every corner of the garden. The shrub looks decorative due to its flowers. The shrub can grow up to three meters high. As a tree, it can even grow up to six meters high.