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Cut spring bloomers - this is how it's done

Cut spring bloomers - this is how it's done

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Beautiful spring bloomer: fragrant jasmine

Spring bloomers are great because they bring color back into the garden after winter. So that this is the case every year, you should cut your spring bloomers.

Spring bloomers should be cut off every year
When winter is finally over and spring is coming, we are looking forward to the first blossoms that we see on flowers and shrubs. So that the so-called spring bloomers delight us in full splendor every year, you should treat them to a pruning each year. Old branches that no longer have leaves are cut off near the ground. Otherwise, simply straighten out by shortening the top shoot tips.

Do not have scruples
The cut is made after flowering, because if you grab the scissors beforehand, the flower will be smaller. Popular spring bloomers include forsythia, fragrant jasmine, hazelnut, Kolkwitzie and Deutzie. You know that: many have scruples when it comes to suddenly cutting a bush that has developed nicely. It is often assumed that it will take years for it to become bushy. But that is not the case. The cut favors faster growth. So just put the scissors on.