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Fighting mildew - how it works

Fighting mildew - how it works

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Check your plants regularly

Mildew is a fungus that can affect many plants. Both outdoors and in the apartment or in the winter garden. Learn how to combat mildew here.

Check plants regularly
Powdery mildew does not specialize in one plant, but can infect many. It is therefore all the more important that you protect your plants from it. As a first measure, you should always check your plants regularly. If there is a white coating on them, the infected leaves should be removed immediately. This is the only way to prevent spreading.

Actively combat mildew
In addition, powdery mildew has to be actively combated. So-called fungicides are used, which are available in specialist shops (we can recommend Compo Duaxo). The infected plants are pollinated with it, thus killing the fungus. Alternatively, you should also use tonics. What you should also not forget is the regular fertilization of the affected plants so that the nutrient balance is covered. Make sure that you do not give nitrogen, as this is particularly digestible for the mushroom and it is strengthened in its growth. If you follow all these rules of conduct, mildew should soon be a thing of the past.