Caring for sweet peas - 4 tips

Caring for sweet peas - 4 tips

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A unique climbing plant: the sweet pea

From June, the wonderfully scented sweet peas will enchant every gardener who has planted them in the flower bed. Find out how to take care of your sweet peas here.

The flowers are very decorative
The sweet pea is a unique climbing plant that looks almost like a pea plant without flowers. However, when the beautiful butterfly blossoms appear in June, nobody thinks that the plant is peas. They are very decorative and will last especially long if you follow some advice. We would therefore like to give you four tips on how to take care of your sweet peas.

Caring for sweet peas - 4 tips

  1. Compost helps plants to last a long time. When two-thirds of the vetch's flowers have faded, you should pile the plants with compost. The nutrients supply the plant, this develops new roots and shoots and is also stronger. This also reduces the infestation of mildew.
  2. Always cut off withered flowers immediately. Remove not only the flowers, but also the shoot tips. This stimulates new growth and the plant blooms for many weeks longer and of course more abundantly.
  3. It is also permitted to regularly cut shoots for the vase. This also stimulates the formation of new flowers.
  4. At the same time, you can also ripen a few fruits. By autumn, seeds have been created that you can then sow. If you do that, you can look forward to new fragrance sweet peas next year.