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Caring for anther - 5 tips

Caring for anther - 5 tips

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Flowering roses are ornaments for the garden

The pretty convertible roses are a real gem for every terrace and balcony. Today we would like to give you tips on how you should take care of your lavender.

Tip 1 - choose the right location
Flowering roses are not just a piece of jewelery for the terrace or balcony, the plants are also often kept in the winter garden. If you find a spot for her outside, you should know that lilies love to be hot and sunny. Then they really blossom. So if you have a sunny terrace where little else blooms, lazy-eyed roses are welcome.

Tip 2 - fertilize and water regularly
There are changing flowers as a small flower stick, as a bush and even as a small tree. They bloom in the most beautiful colors. Varieties that change color during flowering are particularly popular. Make sure that they are always kept moist and get a portion of fertilizer once a week.

Tip 3 - winter hibernation
Make sure that you bring your flowering roses indoors in time for the winter because they do not like frost. The winter is over at a maximum of ten degrees in a bright place. You should stop fertilizing during the winter months. You should also give water only sporadically.

Tip 4 - prune the florets
You do not need to prune the plant to get a bushy habit. When new shoots appear in summer, you should snap them off with your fingers. You must also cut off any flowering umbels.

Tip 5 - fight pests
Spider mites, aphids and even white flies like to attack convertible florets. You can control these pests with soapy water.