Combinations with roses - 7 tips

Combinations with roses - 7 tips

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Which flowers go with roses?

Do you like roses so much? How about if you would rather plant combinations with roses instead of a complete rose bed?

Which flowers go with roses?
While some have a rosary in the garden where there are really only roses, others would like to combine the queen of flowers with other plants. It's all well and good. However, the question arises which flowers are suitable for this. We have put together a small selection for you here. The flowers listed here fit particularly well with roses in a bed.

Combinations with roses - 7 tips

  1. Lavender: Probably best suited in the vicinity of roses. A positive side effect: lavender sells aphids!
  2. Catnip: Flowers from May to September in the color purple. Warning: catnip should be contained, otherwise it will proliferate too much!
  3. Beard flower: For later flowering in the year, namely from August to the end of September, it is worth planting the beard flower.
  4. Lamp cleaner grass: A beautiful contrast to the rose, which forms beautiful flower spikes from late summer.
  5. Larkspur: Similar in height to roses, blooms in blue in June. Those who cut back delphiniums after flowering will receive a second flower in September.
  6. Lily: In summer, the great calyxes develop in a wide variety of colors.
  7. Lady's Mantle: Flowers quite inconspicuously, but is a great and neat cushion for the surface.