6 perennial climbing plants

6 perennial climbing plants

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Climbing plants belong in every garden. We would like to introduce you to 6 perennial climbing plants.

Climbing plants on a family home -

Which climbing plant would you like?
Climbing plants are very nice. Whether they conquer the fence, the house wall or the pergola or are used as a privacy screen on the terrace - you can hardly get by without climbing plants. However, the question is always the same: which one should it be? There are annuals, perennials, rampant, evergreen or even blooming and even those that bear fruit. You have to know yourself which one you prefer. We have selected the six most beautiful, perennial climbing plants for you.

Perennial climbing plants


Wisteria - Wisteria, also known as wisteria, can grow up to 12 meters high. Wisteria blooms beautifully blue in May. Wisteria is a real climbing artist and therefore particularly suitable as a natural roof. However, those who do not regularly cut their wisteria risk, on the one hand, that they start to proliferate wildly, and, on the other hand, that the number of flowers will decrease.


Hops - Hops is a very fast-growing creeper that can do well without tendrils. It produces many fruits in autumn and is absorbed in winter. It grows up to 6 meters high. Caution should be exercised in the rapidly growing foothills. You should remove them quickly, otherwise hops will spread widely in the garden.


Clematis on the fence - Depending on the variety, the clematis gets very large flowers, sometimes in spring, sometimes in summer. It can grow up to 4 meters. Clematis do not want shade and direct sun, but a mixture of the two.


Vine tendrils on the house - A height of 12 meters is not uncommon for grapevines, but it forms grapes that can be harvested from August. Grapevines in your own garden are not only tasty, but also beautiful jewelry.

Trumpet flower

Trumpet flower - It forms large calyxes and that with a size of up to 10 meters. The flowers are very pretty to look at and bloom in orange, red and yellow. The trumpet flower is a sun lover and blooms more profusely the more sunny the location is chosen.

Climbing rose

Climbing rose at the house entrance - it blooms in many different colors and can grow up to 5 meters tall. Climbing roses prefer a bright, sunny location. Climbing aids are very important for growing such roses so that they can reach nice heights.