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Planting trees - which are the right ones?

Planting trees - which are the right ones?

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Find out beforehand

The question arises for every garden owner: should you plant trees in the garden? And if so, which ones?

Choose location
Important questions that shouldn't be easily dismissed. Because depending on the size of the garden, the trees should also be selected. You have to know how fast the trees grow and, above all, how big they grow. The location is then also decided accordingly. A tree near the terrace can be a welcome shade, but it can also be a nuisance if it no longer lets the sun shine through, if it loses flowers in spring and leaves in autumn and everything ends up on the terrace. You can see for yourself how important it is to deal with the trees in advance.

Caring for the trees
Another point is the care of the trees. Many trees need a regular cut. Many, but not all. If you have little desire to lend a hand here, you should get easy-care trees. These include, among others, the magnolia, the ornamental cherry or the ornamental apple tree and the ever-popular witch hazel. So don't just plant any tree in your garden. It is really important that you carefully research the trees beforehand. Otherwise you will not enjoy it. Think beforehand whether you would prefer to plant a conifer, deciduous tree, ornamental tree or a useful tree.