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What does plant processing mean?

What does plant processing mean?

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Plant processing plays a major role for gardeners and hobby gardeners. We have a short summary for you of what it is.

Plant refinement is an indirect form of plant propagation that takes place on a vegetative basis. In Germany, this step is also known as art in the garden and is therefore of immense interest, particularly in terms of appearance.

Reasons for plant refinement

When plants multiply naturally, the positive properties of the mother plant are partially lost. This is to be counteracted with plant processing. With this method, the plant itself and its positive properties can be preserved. In addition, the propagation via cuttings and seeds usually takes much longer than the plant processing. As a result, you will get a higher quality plant in less time.

This is how it is refined

Roughly speaking, the finishing takes place in two steps. The first thing you need to do is to plant a young branch (the scions) remove. Then place it on a plant that serves as a root replacement system (the document). This can result in other forms of growth, but also new flowers or fruits.

Finishing six-Niken

While in the rest periods in connection with the plant refinement one mainly uses the copulation and the goat's foot refinement, the bark plug refinement and the oculation play an important role during the growth phases.

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Which plants can be refined?

Fruit tree is grafted -

A refinement is only possible with naked seeds or with dicotyledonous plants, since only these have a cambium, which is indispensable for the growing process. As a rule, woody plants such as roses or (fruit) trees are refined. Fruit plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers or pumpkins are also suitable for processing.

How long have plants been grafted?

Plant refinement has been used as such since ancient times. In the past centuries it was constantly perfected by human hands and was able to gain complexity and volume.

What should be considered when refining plants?

A high level of hygiene must be observed in all processes of plant refinement. Avoid touching the interfaces - both with your hands and with any objects. The interfaces must not come into contact with water either. In addition, when refining, you have to make sure that the cambia of the noble rice and the base ideally lie exactly on one another so that the plant parts can grow together well.

In the case of trees, cambium is the growth layer that is located between the sapwood and the bark. It is responsible for the plant's shoot growth.