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Garden clothes - keep old clothes

Garden clothes - keep old clothes

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Put on comfortable things for gardening

What do you wear when you go out in the garden? Sure, when you go sunbathing, as little as possible. But what if work calls? For this you need the right garden clothing.

Keep old clothes
When weeding weeds, mowing the lawn and fertilizing the flowers, you are always faced with the tricky question: what am I going to wear? It doesn't have to be that complicated and no, you don't have to equip yourself for it. The easiest way is to pick up old clothes that you no longer wear because you have a small hole or you just don't find them nice anymore. Jogging pants or shorts that are worn out are particularly advantageous.

The right shoes
Simply wear a t-shirt or shirt for the top and the garden outfit is ready. Well, almost at least. Footwear is particularly important. You shouldn't save there either. Open shoes at work such as flip-flops or no shoes at all are unfavorable and pose a risk of injury. Sturdy shoes are an advantage. Above all, non-slip and, if possible, closed. Of course, it depends on the work in question. When climbing around in the fruit tree, you should wear different shoes than when weeding.

Oh yes, don't forget gloves to protect against injuries and - if you work in the sun - a sun hat on your head. So you are perfectly equipped.