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Tree bark burst - what now?

Tree bark burst - what now?

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Did you discover on one of your trees that the bark had burst? Then you should act quickly, otherwise it could damage the tree.

If the bark is broken, the tree has no chance

Both young and old, robust trees can be affected by the problem. But especially in the case of fruit trees, the bark bursts open over the winter. At least this happens to those who have not made sufficient provision for the cold season. So if the bark peels off, it can have different causes, but in most cases it is frost damage that is responsible. The wetness pulls into the trunk over the winter and freezes. This can cause the bark to burst and cause lasting damage to the tree. Fungal diseases can spread or pests can colonize.

How can you protect the trees?

In order to prevent the bark from chipping or bursting from the outset, you should limescale your trees in the autumn months. This is a lime paint. This has several advantages. He:

  • prevents pests from settling
  • prevents the tree trunks from mossing
  • protects the tree trunk from excessive sunlight

The latter is particularly important. If sunlight hits the tree, it is reflected by the white lime color. And that's a good thing because if frost affects the tree trunk at night and the sun during the day, it creates a strong internal tension due to the temperature fluctuations. The lime paint now ensures that the tensions are significantly minimized and accordingly there are no frost cracks in the tree bark.

➜ How to limescale trees properly:

You can buy lime paint in any gardening store or online (e.g. at Amazon). You must apply this evenly to the tree trunks with a tassel brush in autumn. If it is possible in any way, it is best to paint the entire tree trunk down to the tree top.

The paint is washed off by the rain over the years. So you have to renew the lime paint every autumn.

What can you do if the bark has already burst?

❍ Apply lime paint:

If the mishap has already happened and the bark has burst, you should put a coat of lime on again. Because under the bark the tree can relax. It also serves as a kind of protective layer.

❍ Close wound:

You can also try another one and try to press the bark back onto the tree so that the “wound” closes. You can then nail them down or fix them to the tree trunk with a cord. With a little luck, the tree will repair the wound. Then you have to remove the nails or the cord again.