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Maintaining ornamental lawns: 3 tips for a beautiful lawn

Maintaining ornamental lawns: 3 tips for a beautiful lawn

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An ornamental lawn is rather not suitable for extensive garden parties. But the green carpet can be the visual highlight in your garden.
Almost flawlessly landscaped lawn -

A decorative lawn is a feast for the eyes, but less something that is played or grilled on. Ornamental turf is actually more familiar from botanical plants, but it is also becoming increasingly popular in home hobby gardens. If you want to create an ornamental lawn, you should consider in advance that it will later be more of a visual face than a playground. There are also other special features that have to be reconsidered before deciding on an ornamental lawn.

Acquisition costs and other expenses

With the creation of an ornamental lawn, you, as a garden owner, have to bear some costs that should not be underestimated, which you must be aware of. High quality ornamental lawn seeds come at a price. However, it is a mistake to let the piggy bank hang out at this point. If you want some luxury in your garden, then you have to invest accordingly. The result, once the decorative lawn has been created, will convince you.

Maintain ornamental lawns

Weed control

Weed control is a top priority for an ornamental lawn. Any blade that hardly plays a role in a playing lawn is disruptive in an ornamental lawn. Make sure that moss cannot form at all and if it does, it must be removed immediately.

Cut the lawn

In addition to continuous and thorough weed control, great importance is also attached to regular lawn mowing when decorating a lawn. To avoid damaging the roots, never mow down to the garden floor. So leave at least fifty percent, depending on the amount available. To ensure that the decorative lawn does not clump and become matted, the grass clippings are always removed or caught directly when mowing.

Fertilize decorative lawn

After mowing the lawn, the decorative lawn gets a portion of fertilizer. Ask your retailer which fertilizer is suitable for your ornamental garden. It always depends on the quality of the soil. Fertilization takes place in spring or in summer. Then it shouldn't be too hot, otherwise the lawn will burn.

Important: Don't forget to water the ornamental lawn regularly. The ornamental lawn cannot stand constant drought and heat periods!