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Pest control in the winter garden - 5 tips

Pest control in the winter garden - 5 tips

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Plants in the winter garden are not as susceptible to pests as the plants in the garden. When it comes to pest control in the winter garden, there are a few things you need to consider.

Plants in the winter garden are less susceptible to pests

Fight pests
Basically, you should regularly check your plants for pests. This includes not only the plants in the garden, but also the plants on the terrace, in the greenhouse and in the winter garden. Especially in rooms in which you are staying, you should not use chemical agents to control the pests. We have put together five tips for you on how to combat the pests.

Pest control in the winter garden - 5 tips

  1. If you discover scale or mealybugs on your plants, you can gently remove them with a sponge or an old toothbrush.
  2. No matter what pests you discover on the plants, if they prefer to stick to the shoot tips, then cut off the tips without further ado. They grow back quickly.
  3. You can catch whiteflies by using yellow boards.
  4. You can also spray aphids and scale insects. The pests are wetted with a mixture of water, a little alcohol and a spoon of soft soap. These then dry out and fall off.
  5. Sometimes it is enough to give the plants a shower. This will wash away the pests.

If you use beneficial organisms, then you should not use the measures just mentioned, because this endangers the beneficial organisms.