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Fertilize plants - how it works!

Fertilize plants - how it works!

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For plants, fertilizing is what a healthy diet with vitamins and minerals is for humans. Fertilizing plants is also very easy.

Fertilizers provide plants with the best nutrients

Fertilizers and their properties
If you deny the plants the nutrients contained in the fertilizer, you have to expect that the plants will break or not grow as you would imagine. There are also different fertilizers for different plants. So when you buy plants, you should inquire which fertilizers are best for you.

In our following list we would like to show you the 7 main fertilizers and their properties imagine:

  1. Organic fertilizer - Here the nutrients are distributed through the soil and made available to the plant.
  2. Fertilizer sticks - These sticks provide a permanent supply of nutrients.
  3. Single fertilizer - This fertilizer is required if you want to carry out a targeted individual fertilization.
  4. Depot fertilizer - It ensures a continuous and even release of nutrients.
  5. Liquid fertilizer - It contains nutrients that are particularly quickly available to the plant because they are already dissolved.
  6. Special fertilizer - As the name suggests, this fertilizer is only used for special plants.
  7. Mineral complete fertilizer - This fertilizer has everything a fertilizer or the plant needs and is also quickly soluble.