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Harvest chili peppers - how it works!

Harvest chili peppers - how it works!

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Chili peppers thrive best indoors

Those who like it spicy will also like to eat chilli peppers. Many buy the fruit in the shop or from the farmer. There they are of course very expensive and usually do not taste as aromatic as if you grow the pods yourself. If you have decided to harvest chili peppers yourself, then you should note that the plants are not suitable for outdoors.

Chili plants bloom in winter
You can give it a try and with a little luck you can also harvest, but the plants thrive better indoors, ideally in the greenhouse or conservatory. They bloom there even in winter and, with good care, bring out many fruits in the following year. The plant doesn't like drafts and you shouldn't overdo it when watering. Keep the chilli plant moderately moist, because that's how it likes it best.

Spray in chilli plants
To avoid aphids, you should spray your chilli plant with distilled water at least twice a week. You have to make sure that the water gets everywhere, including the undersides of the leaves. However, you should not believe that spraying can neglect watering. In February, you should then prune the shoots vigorously and transplant the chilli plants into a larger pot.