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Cup mallow - a great bed decoration

Cup mallow - a great bed decoration

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It blooms in the most beautiful shades of pink, blue and white and is an ornament for every garden: the cup mallow. No wonder everyone wants them in the green oasis.

Cup mallows are a beautiful eye-catcher in the bed

Cup mallows originally come from the Mediterranean region and are annual. The bushy plants with their beautiful flowers can grow up to 2 meters high. The beautiful flowers that enchant every beholder from July to September are the special highlight of the plant. Because they bloom so colorful, they can be combined with many other flowers. And that both in the perennial border and in the flower pot. The cup mallow also thrives very well here. But only if you give her the right care.

How to properly plant mug mallows


The mallow particularly likes sun. But it also thrives in the shade. In any case, it is important that the soil at the chosen location is loosely permeable, because only then will the plant be well.


You don't necessarily have to prefer mug mallows. From March, sowing can also take place outdoors. To do this, make furrows about 1 centimeter deep and sprinkle the seeds into them. Then wait and see. In early summer you should then separate the plants. Keep a distance of about 50 centimeters.

You can also prefer the cup mallows indoors. Put the seeds in a seed bowl and then put them in a plastic bag, because you can seal them. Then place the bowl in a place where the temperature is continuously around 20 degrees Celsius and keep the substrate moderately moist. After about 20 days, the seeds should have risen. If the seedlings are about 10 centimeters tall, you need to prick them off and plant them in larger flower pots. The plants are then allowed to go outdoors in March.

Care of the cup mallow

To water:

Cup mallows are very frugal plants that do not require much care. In any case, it is important that you water the flowers regularly. The plant can survive dry phases without any problems, but then it does not bloom so abundantly. So grab a watering can every day. However, you should water a little less than too much, because waterlogging doesn't like mug mallards at all.

Promote flowering:

If you want your mug mallows to bloom for a particularly long time, then regularly cut off the faded shoots. So you can enjoy the wonderful flowers for longer.

After flowering, you can take the plant completely out of the soil and compost it.

Keep cup mallow low:

If you don't want the cup mallow to be that big, you can also keep it low. To do this, you just have to cut the mallow at the desired height, just like other perennials. So it grows bushier.


Mallows reproduce and sow themselves. Because of this, you may get more and more of it. You should then simply tear out or transfer the small, weak plants.

If you want to multiply the plant on purpose, you can use the seeds of the previous year. You should simply sow the seeds in seed boxes from February to March. From May to June you can then put the small plants in the garden.