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The neglected garden of the neighbor

The neglected garden of the neighbor

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Reason for a dispute: The neglected garden of the neighbor

There are always disputes among neighbors, including garden owners. People argue because the branches hang over the fence, because they laugh out loud, or because the children play outside. There are many reasons why neighborhood disputes take place. One of them is aesthetics.

The aesthetics
One may set up his garden really nicely, while the neighbor does not spend the time and pleasure and only mows his lawn once a year, simply leaves garden tools standing around or stores building materials in the garden. That is often a thorn in the side of the neighbor with the beautifully arranged garden. There is whispering and talking and annoyed about it. And the next argument is already underway. But can't you also ban something like that? After all, aesthetics also suffers from this disorder.

The law says: No, you cannot influence it. The neighbor can do what he wants in his garden. However, there are limits. If he now dumps rubble or bulky waste in front of the neighbor's nose, things look very different. In order not to start a fight, just talk to the neighbor or let the hedge grow higher.