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Fertilize - but correctly!

Fertilize - but correctly!

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When fertilizing your potted plants, you should always follow the dosage instructions on the packaging. Too much or too little fertilizer can not only be senseless, it can also harm your plant. You should never fertilize your plants when the soil is dry. The reason: the nutrients cannot be distributed evenly. They can even form clumps and give the roots too much nutrients. It is harmful.

First water, then fertilize
If the soil is too dry, you should water your plants thoroughly first and then fertilize them. Be careful not to water the plants too much. Because too much water can wash away the nutrients and the roots would get no or too little nutrients. That is why fertilizing in the rain is not recommended.

Avoid over-fertilization
You should only fertilize healthy looking plants. If they are sick, they naturally need less nutrients. The existing ones in the earth are usually sufficient. If you fertilize a plant, if it is sick, you can fertilize it quickly. If you pay attention to these rules of conduct, you can hardly go wrong.