This is how cacti really bloom

This is how cacti really bloom

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Cacti are plants that do not occur naturally in our latitudes. They love it hot and dry. Nevertheless, we enjoy many types of cacti that surprise us with wonderful flowers year after year. So that they do that, you should pay attention to the appropriate care of the cacti. This is not difficult, but there are some things you shouldn't do wrong. The result is impressive: If the cactus blooms profusely, then it is fine!

You should pay attention to this:

  1. You can leave cacti outdoors in summer. However, you should not put them out too early, because frost does not necessarily tolerate them.
  2. Sun is good! But it doesn't hurt if the cactus is in partial shade. Not every variety needs sun all day long.
  3. It is always said that cacti do not need a lot of water. Still, you need to water your cacti every now and then. The best is lime-free water. Rainwater is ideal for this.
  4. In the cold season, cacti hibernate best in a cool and sunny place.