How useful is a chopper?

How useful is a chopper?

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Perhaps you have already thought about buying a chopper. That is a sensible consideration. However, only if you also produce enough clippings to make the chopper worthwhile. This means that the garden should be quite large on the one hand and also contain many trees or bushes that need to be pruned annually. Then it is also worth buying a chopper, because you do not have to dispose of the valuable clippings, you can reuse them.

Cuttings are very versatile
You can sprinkle the chopped wood well as a mulch layer on beds and not only beautify the garden, but also give the plants valuable nutrients. In addition, the soil always remains moist and weed growth is prevented. You can also bring the wood chips between floor slabs or on paths. This is even possible on the terrace. Depending on how you like it. And of course the chopped wood is also a wonderful decorative element. Maybe you and your neighbors all get a chopper together, then it's worth it twice.