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Fertilize fruit trees

Fertilize fruit trees

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Fertilize fruit trees - you should pay attention!

Fruit in the garden is almost a must. Many gardeners cannot avoid fruit trees, whether apple, pear, cherry or plum. And one thing is clear: the fruit from your own garden tastes many times better than the fruit you buy. In addition, it costs nothing. And fruit trees don't do much work either. Every now and then a shaping cut, once a year the harvest, you hardly have to do more. The older the trees get, the more fertilizer they need. You should pay attention to this if you Fertilize fruit trees:

Fertilizer helps against fungal diseases
If you give the trees organic fertilizer with ripe compost and also natural fertilizer containing potassium, they ensure that fungal diseases and the occurrence of lice are prevented.

... and protects against sensitivity to frost
In addition, fertilizer ensures a significantly higher sensitivity to frost and the shelf life of the fruit is increased. The roots are also strengthened. However, you should not fertilize too much, because this can be harmful. It is best to stick to the rule of thumb up to three liters per square meter of compost, otherwise the fertilizer recommendation that is found on the package is relevant.