Raspberries - More yield through correct planting

Raspberries - More yield through correct planting

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More raspberry yield with these tricks

raspberries are sweet treats that everyone likes. That's why they shouldn't be missing in any garden. Raspberries are also very undemanding, like the sun and otherwise require little maintenance. Nevertheless, you can ensure that Raspberries even more yield give up than they usually do. You should plant raspberries on a hill. And this is how it is done:

  1. The place where you want to plant the raspberries should be dug about 20 centimeters deep.
  2. The excavated soil is mixed and loosened well with mature compost. Bark humus can also be used instead of compost, but it must have rotted.
  3. Now stack this mixture to about 50 centimeters at the point where you excavated the earth.
  4. The plants are now used, the roots should be covered with soil about five centimeters.
  5. Now add a layer of bark humus and look forward to it, because this is how the raspberries thrive.
  6. Add compost annually and cover again with bark humus. And then: meal!