Mowing the lawn - 5 helpful tips

Mowing the lawn - 5 helpful tips

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Mowing the lawn - our tips

Cut the lawn is easy, many think. Simply over with the mower and you're done. You can do that if you place little value on your lawn. If you want to have a beautiful and well-kept lawn, you should consider the following Tips hold:

  1. Do not mow the lawn when it is wet. The reason: due to the wetness, the stalks stick together and can no longer be cut cleanly.
  2. Do not cut grass too short in hot weather. There should always be a few centimeters more, otherwise the floor can dry out too quickly.
  3. Check the blades before mowing the lawn. These should always be sharp, otherwise the grass will not be cut but plucked.
  4. Choose the optimal cutting height. This is about 4 centimeters. Since the height of a lawnmower is set gradually and not in centimeters, you have to check beforehand whether the height also fits.
  5. Mow once a week. So that the lawn grows nicely, you should actually grab the mower so often.

With these tips you will quickly get a perfect lawn.