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Vegetables in the garden - 4 tasks in July

Vegetables in the garden - 4 tasks in July

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Thyme can be wonderfully propagated in June

who Vegetables in the garden has who has in the month of July a lot to do. One wants to be sown, the other to be harvested. And in between there is fertilization. The following tasks are pending this month:

1. Romaine lettuce should be harvested. Pay attention to the size of the heads, because maturity can vary from variety to variety.

2. Autumn and winter radishes should be sown no later than mid-July. The seeds should be placed at a depth of 1.5 centimeters. You can then harvest from mid-October.

3. If you have grown sweet corn, you should now give it an extra portion of fertilizer. This creates particularly thick tubers. If secondary shoots have formed, they should be removed.

4. If you have thyme in the garden, you can easily multiply it. To do this, longer shoots are bent down and pressed into the earth. Roots form there until autumn. Then the shoot can be cut off and planted properly.