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More plum yield

More plum yield

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More plum yield

Plum trees in the garden are particularly popular with those with a sweet tooth. You can eat the plums from the tree, but nuts can also make delicious cakes, delicious compote or jam. Plums always go down well. But how do you get a high one Yield on plums?

The magic word is thinning out
So that you can also harvest abundantly, you should thin out the plums in good time. This means that fruits are picked and discarded when they are not yet ripe. Many may not have the heart, but you should, because this measure ensures that the plums get bigger and the quality many times better.

So when the plums or plums have reached a size of about 1.5 centimeters, you should pluck the fruit, but only those that are easy to remove. Do not wait for the tree to drop the first fruits itself. That would be too late.

That's how it's done!
Hold the tip of the branch with one hand and drive through the fruit with the other hand. Throw the plums, which are easy to remove, onto the compost, the rest will develop into strong and tasty fruits.