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Tips for maintaining the lawnmower

Tips for maintaining the lawnmower

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A lawnmower has to do a lot and endure. It is therefore important that you take good care of it. This is the only way to maintain the performance of the device.

Clean the mower regularly

In order for lawn to look particularly beautiful, it is important that you mow it regularly and maintain it. Everyone who owns a garden or property knows this. With the help of the lawnmower, this is no longer hours of work these days. However, the lawn mower itself also needs to be looked after a little so that it can be used for a long time. You don't have to do as much to extend the working capacity of your lawnmower. It is really just a few simple and quick points.

Hibernate lawn mower

❒ choose the right place:

You can prevent rust from forming by giving your lawnmower a dry place over the winter. So it's best to put it in the basement in the cold season.

❒ Clean the lawn mower:

Before you bring the lawn mower into the house for the winter, you must first clean it thoroughly. The best way to remove grass and dirt is with a hand brush. Then wipe the surface with a damp cloth. If you want to protect the device from dust, you can then cover it with an old bed sheet.

❒ empty tank:

You should empty the tank before storing. Otherwise water will settle and the tank may even have to be removed later.

❒ regrease the bearing:

To prevent water from penetrating and causing corrosion, you should regrease the bearings regularly. It is best to use bone oil. It not only cleans, it also nourishes and is moisture-repellent.

❒ change oil:

Once a year, you should give your lawnmower an oil change to keep the engine performing. You have two options. Both presented here once.

Prepare the lawn mower for the season

❒ Sharpen lawnmower blades:

As soon as the season begins, you should check the knife. If it is not sharp enough, it just tears off the blades of grass instead of cutting them up. If it is dull, you need to sharpen it. You can bring it to the hardware store and have it sharpened, or you can sharpen it yourself. You can find out how to do this here.

❒ Remove rust:

After winter, you must also check the device for rust. If there is rust, a new paint job is recommended. But first you have to remove rust from the affected areas. To do this, brush or sand the attacked surface thoroughly. Then clean this area with water and paint. After processing, the lawnmower will look like new again.

Take action immediately after mowing

❒ Clean the lawn mower:

If you have mowed the lawn, you should clean the mower afterwards every time. That means sweeping with a hand brush and wiping with a damp cloth. Then it's your turn to collect the grass. You can spray it with water. Then let it dry well.