Raising flower stalks instead of cutting them off

Raising flower stalks instead of cutting them off

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Wooden or plant sticks can serve as a support

Flowers are particularly beautiful when the flowers are large and lush. But that also harbors dangers. You can easily buckle. Here the crease flower stalks um, then you don't have to cut them off but you can try them again stand up instead of cut off.

Sunflowers (which can reach a height of up to four meters) are particularly affected, but also peonies (very full and large flowers) and gladiolus, which are also very long-stemmed.

Wooden stick serves as a rail
Take a wooden stick and use it as a rail. The stick is then attached to the top and bottom with a plaster or a wire. If a wire is used, be careful not to scratch the handle.

Dry the flower instead of throwing it away
If this support does not hold, the handle can also be connected to a fence or to an adjacent, more stable handle. If nothing helps anymore, then cut the flower and put it in the vase. There she will surely please you for a few more days. Alternatively, you can dry the flower and use it as a dry arrangement.