Plants don't always have to grow on the ground

Plants don't always have to grow on the ground

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Be creative!

A garden is never finished. Even if all the beds are densely planted and there is really no space left, you can still find something to give the garden new aspects. Just go up one floor. Plants don't always have to grow on the ground.

There are many ways to place flowers over the planted beds. We would like to show you three options - let's call it first floor planting!

Possibility 1: the stairs

A flower staircase in the form of a ladder leaning against the house wall or the fence, flower pots with great flowers on the rungs - a feast for the eyes!

Option 2: Floating pots

Of course they don't really hover, but it looks like this. Insert a strong iron rod deep into the earth and attach a flower pot to the top. Hanging flower in - done!

Possibility 3. High tribes

There are many roses as a standard. At the bottom a narrow trunk, at the top a magnificent shrub - this is how space is effectively used.

Three great options for the garden - maybe you can think of something!