Pouring currants - why?

Pouring currants - why?

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If Sprinkle currants, there can be many reasons for this and hobby gardeners therefore have to watch their bushes carefully in order to remedy the situation.

Currants have the property that they always like to trickle when the flower fertilization is inadequate. Different types of currants are also dependent on pollination by bees. In spring it is not uncommon for the bees to simply not pay a visit when the weather is bad, and if the fruit fails to appear, the flowers fall off.

Frost and dryness encourage trickling
Frost or severe drought also favor the currants' sprinkling during the pile. An observation of the shrubs often shows that the inflorescences within the shrub show a higher tendency to trickle than the outer inflorescences.

Here the shadow is the reason for the trickle. Currants always have to be well aligned so that all flowers receive an equal amount of sunlight. The balanced nutrient supply within the plant prevents or at least reduces the trickle.