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Pull pineapple yourself

Pull pineapple yourself

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Exotic plants are always a real eye-catcher. Unfortunately, they are sometimes a little expensive. A pineapple e.g. you can also easily pull yourself.

A pineapple is easy to pull

Those who like fruit usually also like the fruity sweetness of the pineapple. But the plant does not only have a lot to offer in terms of taste. Visually, it also makes a difference. The reason for this is the leaves of the plant belonging to the bromeliads. Unfortunately, it rarely grows in our latitudes, which is why one or the other has probably wondered whether the plant can not also be cultivated in pots or in pots. The answer is: yes, it works!

Certainly it does not reach the stature height that it would otherwise achieve in the field, but then you have a real exotic in the house. In warm summer months, you can then put the pots on the balcony or terrace and create a visual highlight in the garden.

First of all:

Don't expect too much. The pineapple can be pulled at any time and also relatively easily, but it can take two to three years until it has grown properly and blooms for the first time.

2 ways to pull a pineapple yourself

Possibility Number 1:

❶ Buy a normal pineapple and decapitate it. You have to leave about five centimeters of pulp under the fresh, green leaf of the pineapple fruit. Then you have to carefully remove the pulp at the bottom of the leaf crop with a knife. You can also carefully unscrew the trunk. Then you need to cut a small piece of the lower end, remove the bottom leaves (about 3 rows of leaves) and let the stalk dry for about three days so that it doesn't start to rot.

❷ After the drying time, you have to put the leaf crust in a vase filled with water. The stalk must now be a few centimeters deep in the water. The first roots will then form in about two to three weeks. For this it is important that you make sure that the stalk is very warm and sunny. 25 degrees are ideal.

Wurzeln If roots have formed a few millimeters long, you can continue. First, fill a low-nutrient substrate in a container. Then plant the stalk in the ground and water it a little.

❹ In order for the pineapple plant to develop optimally, it is advisable to put a transparent plastic bag over the plant and attach it to the pot with a ribbon or rubber. Then place the plant in a warm and bright place and air it from time to time. Otherwise, wait and see.

❺ As soon as new leaves form in the middle of the leaf crop, you can remove the plastic bag, as this is an indication that the pineapple plant has grown well. Then wait again until a new flower or fruit grows.

Possibility 2:

❶ Grab the pineapple by the crest and carefully twist out the stem. Alternatively, you can cut off the top third of the pineapple including the leaf crop and then remove the pulp. Then you have to tear off the bottom leaves and cut off a bit from the lower part of the stalk.

❷ Now do not put the stalk in a water glass, but carefully press it into a little charcoal. That disinfects him. Then you have to let the stalk dry for about a day.

❸ The next day you can then plant the trunk directly into the substrate. Then you need to put the pot in a bright and warm place and water the plant about every two weeks. Then wait again until new leaves and a new fruit form.