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Create a drinking fountain in the garden

Create a drinking fountain in the garden

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Many use the drinking fountain for their pets

With large systems and in front of villas you can often discover a small drinking fountain. Such one drinking fountain you can also in your own build a garden, It may look exceptional, but it can have practical uses.

With a drinking fountain you always get fresh and germ-free water. These drinking fountains can also be used for humans, but they are not really popular enough yet. Many garden owners tend to use the drinking fountain for their pets, such as cats and dogs.

Connection to the drinking water supply

The basic requirement for every drinking fountain is to create a connection from the drinking water supply. So the well can also pass the legal provisions of the Drinking Water Ordinance. But there is also the option of connecting a container with water and letting it run through a filter system. This is the only way to ensure quality in the long term.

Drinking fountain for animals
However, the drinking fountain for the animals also work without the corresponding water connection. However, one cannot do without a power connection. Before you set up the fountain, you have to make sure that it is also suitable for outdoor use. In the meantime, you have the choice between many different variants.