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Fight the frostbite

Fight the frostbite

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Frost vices eat leaves and flowers

Have you ever had one? Winter Moth seen? If you have fruit trees in your garden, it is quite possible that you have already made acquaintance. Because if leaves and flowers are eaten in spring, then this moth is to blame.

Protect fruit trees against the frost tensioner
The females of the frostbite, which have no wings, climb into the tree tops of fruit trees in autumn and lay eggs there. The next spring the caterpillars hatch and make their way across the richly laid table. The frost tensioner doesn't care which fruit tree it is. Whether apple, pear, cherry or plum, everyone is welcome. And that's why you should protect your fruit trees against it.

It's very easy and is hardly worth mentioning - if you know it!

So-called glue rings are used, which are available in specialist shops and which are simply placed around the tree trunk. This ring should fit tightly and should not give the frost tensioners an opportunity to slip through below. So if you want to top it, it automatically sticks. So the fruit is secured for the next season.