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Diarrhea - 2 remedies for soil fungi

Diarrhea - 2 remedies for soil fungi

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The diarrhea often affects seedlings

It sounds strange, but that damping-off there really is. This affects mainly young plants that have been sown and that are just a few centimeters tall as seedlings.

It does not matter what kind of plants it is, everyone can get the diarrhea. Soil fungi are to blame.

You should think that plants that you want to grow in seed pots are particularly protected, but you're wrong. This is because mushrooms can spread, especially in containers made from recyclable materials such as egg boxes or cardboard. Once that happens, the healthy-looking plants are also affected. When the first plants fall over and die, the rest can no longer be saved.

remedy can only two here medium create:

  1. On the one hand hygiene, that means you should rather use plastic breeding containers, which you treat with hot water before planting.
  2. Second, you should look at the optimal one germination temperature and of course pay attention to regular, but not too much moisture. So the seedling disease will no longer affect your seedlings.