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Red pustules on trees

Red pustules on trees

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The red pustules are a fungal disease

Again and again it happens that one red pustules on trees or bushes finds. It is a fungal disease called Nectria.

Dead branches are affected first
Even if it doesn't seem to be particularly dangerous, you should act quickly. Because the fungus is the first to attack branches that have already died, but then quickly prepares for healthy areas. Especially when the plant is weakened, the mushroom has an easy game. It affects the branches of wounds that are found in the bark.

Cut off the affected branch - but not on the compost!
If you now discover such red pustules on your trees, only one thing helps: cut off the infected branch and put it in the organic waste. Under no circumstances on the compost, since the fungal spores spread here and can thus get back into the cycle. If several branches are already affected, all of them must be cut off. Radical if necessary. If the bush or tree is otherwise healthy, it will sprout again. Nectria most commonly affects fruit trees, maple and currants.