Why mulch in the garden?

Why mulch in the garden?

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Mulch is used e.g. as protection against evaporation

Depending on the type of vegetable planted, it can take some time before the plant cover is closed again and the soil is therefore protected against rainfalls that significantly destroy its structure. A destroyed surface structure, however, causes it to dry out, so that's it Mulching in the garden important.

The mulch cover can provide effective help here to bridge the phase of the structure-destroyed soil. The mulch cover ensures that the crumbly structure of the soil is preserved and thus the liveliness of the soil is preserved.

Lawn cut for mulching
The lawn cut is well suited for mulching. If the cut is slightly withered, it should be applied in a layer that is not too thick in order to protect the floor. When mulching, however, it is important that there is sufficient distance around the plant, because the irrigation water should finally reach the roots and a dense layer of mulch right up to the plant can prevent this.

Mulch layer should be 5 centimeters
Other good materials for mulching are shredder material, rhubarb leaves or chopped straw. The mulch layer - no matter what material - can significantly reduce the water loss that the soil experiences through evaporation. This is not only very practical in the vegetable garden. To protect against evaporation, the mulch should be applied to the ground in a thickness of at least five centimeters.