Tips for all flower bulbs

Tips for all flower bulbs

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Protect the bulbs from rodents

Flower bulbs are the foundation stone for a sea of ​​flowers in spring. So that the onions can float without problems in spring and do not freeze, here are a few Tips the one on everyone Flower bulbs can apply.

  1. When buying, you should make sure that the onions are dry, firm and smooth-skinned.
  2. The large onions in particular have also stored a lot of nutrients. The thicker the bulb, the sooner and more beautiful you will be able to see a flower later.
  3. When inserting, the floor must be loose and permeable, because there must be no waterlogging. Heavy soil can be mixed with gravel or sand to loosen it up. Excess water can run off quickly and compost serves as an effective starting fertilizer.
  4. Onions can also be placed in the lawn, which can be used with an onion planter. Here, too, sand in the bottom layer helps against waterlogging.
  5. So that you later have a larger sea of ​​flowers, you can plant several bulbs at once.
  6. Protect the plant from rodents with a small wire basket that is open at the top.