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Climbing aids for plants - 4 options

Climbing aids for plants - 4 options

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Climbing roses are twists and turns

Climbing plants are not the same as climbing plants. There are big differences here, even if you don't see them right away. The differences lie in the way the plant holds on. Which Climbing aids for plants there are and we would like to show the differences here.

1. Winder:
These plants spiral around the climbing aid. That means that narrower support should be sufficient here. Often a cord, a taut rope or thinner wooden sticks are sufficient.

2. Ranker:
These are plants that cling to tendril organs. These “brackets” grow to the side of the shoots and grip what they catch. A simple grid or a chain link fence is sufficient here.

3. Sticky roots:
These plants, which include ivy or wild wine, form small roots that you use to hold onto the ground. Such plants are suitable for house walls or you choose a stable wooden construction or let the plant climb up a tree.

4. Roll:
These include climbing roses or wisteria. Here, a stable framework should be used, around which the plants can loop without inhibitions.