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Safety for children in the garden

Safety for children in the garden

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Make your garden childproof

Children are particularly at risk in our everyday lives. Dangers lurk everywhere, even in your own garden. Whether that's the garden pond, garden tools or poisonous plants. That is why it is particularly important Safety for children to create in the garden.

But what to do? Lock children away? Losing everything? Avoid poisonous plants? None of that! The most important thing is to educate the children and show them the dangers. So it helps a lot. Nevertheless, precautions can and must be taken in some cases.

  1. There is a lot of debate about whether to put poisonous plants in a garden that children visit. You certainly don't have to challenge it. On the other hand, many things are toxic, so there are also toxic parts on tomatoes or potatoes (especially on greenery). And of course also in the great outdoors. You don't have to provoke it, but whoever educates has done a lot right.
  2. The garden pond is a magical attraction for the little ones. This can be remedied by a grating just below the water surface, but also by a fence that is placed around the pond.
  3. Tools or pesticides, fertilizers and the like should always be kept in a safe place so that the children cannot reach them.

If you follow these little tips, you can be sure that the little ones are not at risk in their own garden.