The right plants for the rock garden

The right plants for the rock garden

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Perfectly suited for the rock garden: Houseleek (Sempervivum)

Many a garden lover brings a piece of the Alps home to him on the flat plain by creating a rock garden. But just putting stones on top of each other would be too easy. So you should first be clear that the floor must not have waterlogging.

Then the hobby gardener can fill his garden with stones. It is up to you whether you stick to the lifelike example of the Alps or let your own imagination run wild.

However, he cannot take plants that grow in the Alps because, firstly, they are partly protected and secondly, they would not grow in the lowlands.

That is why it is important to choose the right ones Plants for the rock garden select.

Gentian and Edelweiss

That is why you can also find cultivated plants in the relevant garden centers, such as the gentian or the edelweiss.

Creepers like Sedum or Semperviven

Small creepers like the Sedum or the Semperviven are also ideal for planting.

Little watering even in winter

Since most stone plants are so-called succulents, they need little water. In winter, however, you should not stop watering because the ground frost also holds the roots. As a result, they cannot absorb moisture.