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A small pond in just 3 steps

A small pond in just 3 steps

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The zinc tub becomes a small pond

Many hobby gardeners dream of having their own pond in the garden. However, they shy away from the work and the costs. Indeed, a large pond involves a lot of work and a few euros.

Whoever small pond Enough, it can save a lot of money and work, but still has rippling water and can welcome many new animals in the garden.

  1. Take an old but waterproof zinc tub. Many still find something on the store or in the basement, you can also buy them cheaply on ebay.
  2. Half of this zinc pan, which used to be used for washing, is buried half in the ground.
  3. Then a little underground comes in, pebble or sand, and then fill up with water.

That's it already. If you want, you can install a small bubble stone and listen to the water ripple. A water lily as a planting and a little water grass is also a nice decoration. Such a pond is quick to make and not expensive at all.