Telescopic hedge trimmer: battery or electric?

Telescopic hedge trimmer: battery or electric?

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If a hedge has grown very tall, normal hedge trimmers are often no longer sufficient. Then a telescopic hedge trimmer is needed. Best with a battery. Or would you prefer a cable?

Telescopic hedge trimmers offer several advantages

Do you remember how you planted the first shrubs and hedge plants in your garden? What were they then? And now they are so big that a ladder and normal hedge trimmers are often no longer sufficient to trim them. Apart from that, handling a hedge trimmer on a ladder is always such a tricky thing. If you don't pay attention, the ladder and gardener with hedge trimmers are lying on the ground. A horror show, isn't it? The bad thing about it: accidents when working with motorized hedge trimmers are the frontrunners in accident statistics (source:

So that none of this happens and you don't even have to dare to climb a ladder, it can be worth considering a telescopic hedge trimmer. Especially if you have a lot of tall hedges, trees and shrubs in the garden. It offers several advantages over the combination of ladder and hedge trimmer. Since petrol telescopic hedge trimmers are rather something for the commercial sector, the only question left is which electric telescopic hedge trimmer is actually better. The one with a mains connection or the one with a battery?

General advantages of a telescopic hedge trimmer

Compared to normal hedge trimmers, telescopic hedge trimmers offer several advantages. First, there is the point with posture. With a telescopic hedge trimmer you take a much healthier posture when trimming a hedge and don't have to worry about sore muscles the next day. The other would be the point of risk of injury. With a telescopic hedge trimmer, you don't have to stand on a ladder and worry about falling off. With this device you stand firmly and securely with both legs on the ground. The scissors are also far from your arms, hands and legs. On top of that, you can also work alone because, for example, nobody has to hold the ladder on an uneven floor.

Overview of advantages:

  • ergonomic posture when operating
  • low risk of accident / injury
  • no ladder / helper necessary
  • Work in tight spaces possible

Cordless or electric telescopic hedge trimmer: which is better?

Since, as already mentioned, telescopic hedge trimmers with a petrol engine are rather something for the commercial sector, hobby gardeners have to grapple with the jungle of the many offered electric telescopic hedge trimmers. Most don't even know that there are two models to distinguish, because there are not only telescopic hedge trimmers with cables, but also with batteries. Among the cordless telescopic hedge trimmers, e.g. the Gardena THS Li-18/42 hedge trimmer and among the electric telescopic hedge trimmers the Bosch AMW 10 hedge trimmer as a favorite (source:

But how do you know which of the two models is the better if you don't even know the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of telescopic hedge trimmers? Below is a brief overview.

Telescopic hedge trimmers with mains connection:

Electric telescopic hedge trimmers usually only have a short power cable, which is located on the handle, i.e. at the lower end of the telescopic rod. This means that you always need an extension cable to be able to put the electric telescopic hedge trimmer into operation. But be careful! Be careful not to accidentally cut the power cord.

Thanks to the power cable, there are also some advantages. For example, electric telescopic hedge trimmers offer a consistently high maximum output. In addition, electric telescopic hedge trimmers are much lighter than cordless telescopic hedge trimmers because they use an external power source. On top of that, the electric models can collect a plus point in that they usually last a very long time and do not require a lot of maintenance.

Telescopic hedge trimmers with battery:

Cordless telescopic hedge trimmers have an insert for the battery at the end of the telescopic rod. As a result, the models are somewhat heavier than electric telescopic hedge trimmers, but they also offer consistently high performance. And all without a power cable! So you don't have to be careful that you trip over a cable. But you also have to count on the fact that after about an hour the work will be over. Most batteries simply don't last longer. However, these are often lithium-ion batteries and these are known for their long service life.

Overview of advantages / disadvantages of the two models

Electric Telescopic Hedge Shears✔ permanently high performance
✔ light weight
- Power source necessary
- Extension cord a must
- Danger of falling through cables
Cordless Telescopic Hedge Shears✔ no power connection
✔ maximum freedom of movement
✔ Can be used anywhere
- short working hours
- ready to use only loaded
- higher weight


As you can see, both the electric telescopic hedge trimmers and the cordless telescopic hedge trimmers offer some advantages and disadvantages. So there is no clear winner. Accordingly, you have to decide for yourself which points are important to you with a telescopic hedge trimmer. If you think about it, you will surely be able to quickly decide on one of these two models. Then all you have to do is search for a suitable telescopic hedge trimmer.